Buttons & Collars

Buttons & Collars

We still sell plain black & brass buttons, fox mask buttons and the Cedar Knob Hounds buttons, which are all available below.

Bedlington Sporting Books will be delighted to assist you with a variety of vintage and collectable hunt buttons.
Visit their Facebook page Bedlington Buttons or their website Bedlington Buttons for further details and contact information.

For new hunt buttons - contact Hunt Buttons (part of Clearcut Engraving), for excellent quality buttons and service.


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New Brand New Hunt Collars

Delivery weight: 8 g

New Ri-Dry Waterproof Hunt Collars

Delivery weight: 8 g

New Brand New Fox Mask Buttons.

Delivery weight: 2 g

New Brand New Plain Brass Buttons

Delivery weight: 1 g

New Military Brass Button Sticks - Gaunt & Sons

Product no.: HS19-4

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg