In Praise of Hunting ~ David James & Wilson Stephens

In Praise of Hunting ~ David James & Wilson Stephens

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In Praise of Hunting ~ David James & Wilson Stephens.

Published by Hollis & Carter, London in 1960 - first edition.
Hunting is often the subject of sensational publicity - much of it ill-informed, some of it malicious.
This book puts the side of the question which seldom gets an airing - why men and women of many different outlooks and interests enjoy hunting, why they believe it both a necessary farming service and worthwhile sport, and why the consciences are satisfied that it is not cruel. The Editors have not sought to impose any bouds on what the contributors write. They believe that the cumulative strength of the case is much enhanced by the different viewpoints taken, and the different lines of reasoning which lead all twelve to the same conclusions.
Eleven men and a woman write from contrasting backgrounds. But all have hunted enough to know what they are talking about, and all have also made their mark in other spheres than the hunting field.
Hard back book, in good condition.



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