Foxiana ~ Isaac Bell, M.F.H.

Foxiana ~ Isaac Bell, M.F.H.

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Foxiana ~ Isaac Bell, M.F.H.

Published by Country Life, London 1929 - First edition & first binding issue.
Plates by G. D. Armour
Sluggards may go to the Ant (and consider her ways and be wise), but the rest of us, seeking wisdom and understanding of Foxhunting, may prefer to go for that to a man who began to be Master of Hounds a quarter of a century ago. Such is the author of this book - a book dedicated to Huntsmen of Great Britain. "Sense of Humour" is the Author's addition to Peter Beckford's famous requirements of a huntsman: and a sense of humour, quick thinking, discernment - these, with sympathy, and love for and understanding of the Foxhound, must have been required, I should think, to carry a Master through the changing times of the past twenty-five years of Foxhunting. As to the book itself, the author's profits on it are to go, I learn, to the Hunt Servants Benefit Society. In days when so many of us are seeking wisdom and understanding of Foxhunting, Hunt Servants will not be the only ones to benefit by this book of FOXIANA.
Hard back book, in good condition for age.



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