Hounds Will Meet ~ Richard Ball

Hounds Will Meet ~ Richard Ball

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Hounds Will Meet ~ Richard Ball.

Published by Country Life, London in 1931 - first edition.

To anyone whose good fortune it has ever been to go out hunting - and to many, besides, not least among the interests of the day, is that supplied by the diversity of one's fellow-riders. In twos and threes, singly and in half-dozens they come, young and old, rich and poor, carefree and careworn, each as different from one another as well may be!
Yet everybody who has ever hunted will be the more appreciative of all that the hunting field holds for him if he should read this book of Mr. Ball's. For herein he will find, portrayed with the sure touch of one who "knows," those very varied folk who anywhere - and everywhere - come hunting. The Bruiser, the Boaster, the Girl with "Hands," the Woman who married into a hunting set, the man who was born in it - and many more besides......

Hard back book with dust jacket, in good condition.



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